Apstage in Practice

Seeing is believing so here it is, our hard work and loyal customers as a testament to our long tradition of getting it right even under the strictest deadlines.

Exhibition Booths

We produce exhibition booths that offer multi-dimensional experiences to your visitors and our renowned client list is the proof of our leading market position in this field.

Display Stands

Originally designed or recreated based on specs, corporate stands and specialty promotional structures are a key pillar of our production line.

Indoor Applications

We transform your space to serve your marketing initiative through innovative design applied ingeniously in every aspect of your presence. Whether it is a retail shop, office premises or any other interior environment, we create a unique and memorable user experience ensuring that you stand out.

Event Stage Design & Promotions

Event Set-Up, Themed Stage Sets, Corporate Presentations, Promotions, Truss Systems, Stages, AV Equipment. It’s our job and we’re always ready to add real value to your initiative.

Digital Printing

Faithfull prints that pop-out creating visually stunning environments while being placed on a wide range of materials and any surface we want. Digital printing is an efficient way to give life, add value through texturing or even communicate vivid messages using type.

Art exhibitions / Museums

Apstage undertakes highly demanding projects such as fitting-out museums, thematic or anniversary exhibitions. Our in-house production capability ensures timely and cost-effective delivery even under the strictest deadlines.

Our Clients

We are proud of our long lasting collaboration with :